Danlamp bulbs

Incandescent bulbs produced in Denmark with the same methods from the year 1931. Decorative lamps that glows almost like the sun. Wolfram wire, argon and glass combined makes the unique light, which holds the whole spectrum of colours unlike many other modern light sources. For example LED only holds the colours — blue, green and red. The bulbs can be used alone or in various combinations. The average lifetime of a Danlamp bulbs is 3000–4000 hours. Despite the EU banning incandescent lightbulbs
as a major lightsource in households, these bulbs are intended for people, who can think for themselves — use them decoratively
and choose one of the many possible types such as MEGA, GLOBE,EDISON or the latest brand new SILVER/GOLD.

For more information see www.danlamp.com
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